The recreation of legendary GalactiX VSTis from Alex @ Smartelectronix is now back

The update to 2.03 includes minor fixe on initialization in some hosts and the issue with on-screen keyboard "sticky notes".
The x32 bit version is discontinued.

New features of GalactiX 2

- Improved sound quality with the new bandlimited sound engine
- Fixed few program bugs from the previous version improving the stability
- Added x64 version
- Improved midi handling algorithm
- 25 oscillator types (+14 new) including the Access Virus oscillators waveforms
- Oscillators now can be tuned with higher precision (up to 0.01%)
- New button for random oscillators choise
- Added new controllers: peak effect, filter mode, envelope length, chorus controls
- parameters can be automated [only in the premium version]
- now GalactiX supports different sample rates [previous version worked only for 44100 and 48000]
- GalactiX 2 supports micro-tuning scales/temperaments
- GalactiX 2 now has flexible main note tuning (440HZ) and additional quality mode setup


- Old presets remain the same but now they sound slightly different - thanks to the higher quality of the bandlimited engine
- extra presets added that use new GalactiX functionality
The free version has all functionality of the full version with the difference that the parameters can not be saved to presents or authomated.

The Premium version includes futurte free upgrades and e-mail support.
The Premium version is available with 50% discount is just for 19€
The discount is valid until the end of 15th of July 2020.
Win32 & Win 64 VST v2.4

The free version of Galactix v.2.03
VSTi v2.4 Windows 7/10 (64 bit)
can be downloaded here:

Win 64 VST v2.4

Premium version of Galactix VSTi
is available for 10 Eur via PayPal

Win32 & Win 64

The SoundModeler and all it contains are
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